Best Password Manager: Passter and Mitto

Passter for Password Manager

This application that will be able to save all your data from the local browser to your Google account. They create it to use Google server as a way to encrypt password then store it inside your Google doc server. This is why you could store as many passwords as you want as long as your Google drive could hold it. Because the password manager stores your password inside Google drive, it means that you could access it anywhere you need, using any kinds of the browser that you want without having to create an account on the developer website.


Even without an account, you would still be able to edit and manage it on their nice interface. This tool will also give you more security since they save the password on Google server, which should be safer from another server that you might use. It will also help you to generate secure password whenever you need it for your new account. So you could set up your password policy, and this application will force it to the browser so you would be protected all the time. When you are afraid to lose any passwords, then you could easily backup your data, you could set a schedule to do it automatically or you could backup your data directly.

Mitto for Best Password Manager

This application offers free online service that could be used on any kinds of the browser that you want; they even have an extension or add-on for several browsers for easy use. Since this application is software based on the website, you do not need to download or install anything to your computer be able to use their service. When you use this password manager, you will gain access to their online interface that will direct you to the website that you want and automatically logs you inside. But if you do not like online interface you could also use their extension or bookmarklet, but this means you would only be able to access it through your computer that has the extension or bookmarklet, then if you want to access it from another computer then you need to use the online interface.Mitto-online-password-manager

The best part of this application is that the account you have on Mitto could be used as a login account. The work is very similar to Open ID, but Open ID could only be used if the website allows it. However, with this application, it could force the use of Mitto ID even if the website itself does not allow the use of Open ID. This is why it would be very convenient for you to use this best password manager and knowing the fact that they’re all free to use.