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You know that feeling when you get home from work to a Thursday night and so are similar to, What if I do? The solution goes out to a movie with friends–whilst drinking that wine at the theater. And, if you would like to laugh/cry/swoon, visit a romantic comedy movies. Here are the very best, funniest, most loviest romcoms. The Premise: Thora Birch celebrities as Lauren Mauldin, a girl who believes in finishing relationships following six months to prevent having her heart broken by infidelity. Input Chris Klein as Calvin Chesney, that proves to prove her wrong by inviting his combined friends to lure. The Premise: Brie Larson plays a scientist who’s sent to India to market her genetically modified rice into rural farmers. On the way, she discovers love and audio –since this really is really a musical rom-com. Nevertheless, if not the”white woman visits other civilization and appropriates it while falling in love” genre have expired by now?The Premise: A few on the brink of union opt to sleep with other people before becoming engaged. The Premise: Three girls unhappy with their intimate lives opt to take control and find love in their own provisions. When mails to his pen pal fall into the incorrect hands, but he ends up blackmailed. It is from the people who brought us The Fault in Our Stars, so anticipate some play with the humor.

The Premise: Renee Bennett has ever fought with fretting about her picture, but a freak accident in a soul biking class gets her into a brand new girl. . .kinda. The Premise: This film is a movie of this Goldie Hawn movie from 1987, so expectations are high. The storyline? A wealthy jerk gets amnesia after falling overboard onto his mouth and one mother (Faris) convinces him they are married and sets him to work. The Premise: From the crowded city of Mumbai, locating housing is not simple –Sanjay would like to have his own place but can not afford this, and Karina needs a house but can not signal for you personally since she is one girl. Things become complicated when they create feelings, although Both hatch a strategy to finesse the home system. The Premise: Harper and her pals score the holiday of a life when she has delivered on a job mission to Barcelona, however, a chance meeting sexy DJ Leo sends her to a detour into the party capital of the planet: Ibiza.

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This stranger things episode start off with Joyce frantically trying to describe to Sheriff Hopper and her eldest Jonathan that she was communicating with Will before a monster had started to climb from the wall to chase her. She insists that Will is living and that there’s not any way he’s dead. It is indicated that Hopper can highlight with Joyce since he has been able before, having lost his daughter. It is not until Joyce pleads with Hopper to think her that you find the emotional investment he’s going to make it after the clues leading to her son.

Meanwhile, Mike is upset with ‘Eleven’, blaming her for supplying false hope when she had said to him and his buddies that Will was living. ‘Eleven’ uses her abilities to connect to Will from another dimension so as to prove to Mike that his friend is living. Notice: we get to see quite a bit of ‘Eleven’ and her skills this episode of stranger things online free, giving us a greater insight into what she can do. They lose the signal Will, but Mike thinks they can find a better signal from their college if they use the AV club radio. So as to sneak ‘Eleven’ in, the boy’s band together to make a female disguise that’s extremely reminiscent of E.T. Mike appeared to take care of dressing up ‘Eleven’ as he helped her with her makeup and gave her an approving glance. Once they agreed that she looked pretty and passable, the gang set out for college.

In the school, they visit a meeting which is being held by the faculty in Will’s honor. After listening to a few bullies say mean things about Will, Mike faces them following the meeting in front of everybody. As one of those bullies goes into conquering on Mike, ‘Eleven’ freezes him and leaves him to moan and embarrass himself in front of his peers. The gang head to the AV lab where ‘Eleven’ is ready to link them to Will. This triggers a flashback where we get to see how Dr. Brenner trained ‘Eleven’ to monitor people so as to extract data from them.

Joyce can connect to Will at exactly the exact same time as the gang, hearing a thumping noise and hearing her son call out to her. Frantically, she finds the pounding and begins peeling back the wallpaper to show a twisted surface beneath with Will’s head pressed against the wall. He tells her where he is, but there’s a growling in the background. Will becomes fearful, wanting to remain with his mother but Joyce tells him to run. She picks up an ax she’d brought in the house and starts chopping at the wall. Unfortunately, there’s nothing beneath it and she will now have to find a way to patch up the wall. Joyce’s action of chopping severs the link ‘Eleven’ must Will and triggers an electrical surge that ends up light the AV gear on fire.

While the children and Joyce are attempting to find Will, Nancy is trying her damnedest to find Barb. She can’t receive any assistance from Steven because he is more focused on his parents kicking his ass for hosting a party. The cops are not any use, lowkey slut-shaming her for having sex with Steven in front of her mother. This was definitely not the best way to split the new to a parent which de-virginizing has happened. Nancy ends up moving to Jonathan because, as shown in the last episode of stranger things, he was there taking photos of Steven’s party the night Barb vanished. They visit the photography laboratory to have Jonathan blow up the photograph he took with Barb sitting in the pool. When did they see the picture of the monster behind Barb, lurking in the shadows? This picture proves that what Joyce was telling Jonathan about a monster chasing her was true. Additionally, it proves that Nancy was not just seeing things when she moved back to Steven’s place to search for Barb.

Meanwhile, Hopper cannot shake the feeling that something is fishy, particularly once the state authorities have taken over the morgue that homes Will’s body. After hearing Joyce denounce the body rather than belonging to her son and after hunting down the state trooper that called the human body and beating the crap out of him to find information, Hopper sneaks to the morgue to determine what’s happening. He takes out his knife and slices Will open, showing his body is a dummy stuffed with cotton.

13 Reasons Why Season 2: The Harrowing Story

If you got a note from beyond the tomb, what would you do? Imagine if that message implied you were responsible for the individual’s death? Imagine if that person was? According to the 2007 adult best-seller of Jay Asher, the series of Netflix follows Jensen as he listens to the records that explain her frame of mind of Baker. Overflowing with vibrant storylines and lively characters, 13 Reasons Why season 2 tells the harrowing story of missed chances, the chance of losing a loved one and learning how to live with the guilt of letting someone down.Ten Decades later10 years after the release of the book and two decades later, the agency published the 13-episode series on March 31 in its entirety. 13 Reasons Why season 2 series stays true to the assumption of the book: A bit more than a week of Asher after the death of Baker, Clay comes home to find a box of cassettes on his porch. The tapes are addressed and were recorded by Hannah as a suicide letter.These individuals move them on to another person and have to listen to the tapes. Clay is the person and he listens with horror as the state of mind of Hannah deteriorates with each story. Each episode of 13 Reasons Why season 2 is driven by one of the 13 recordings and whoever played a role. The day when they kissed, his friends and Justin circulate a photograph of Hannah and indicate she had sex with him damaging her reputation in a school. As the three children in school, they create a connection over cocoa in a coffee shop, but jealousy rips them and drives the rest of her school and another wedge between Hannah.With each story, the stories of Hannah paint the image of a woman as her classmates look on struggling. Every new friend turns on her, leaving her feeling. Through it all, after meeting her Clay, who developed a crush, stays on the fringe, as things break down watching.

As Clay loses himself in the 14, present and past turned into a blur.It’s apparent that the grasp on the current of Clay is delicate. Clay can’t let go of the memory of Hannah while the rest of the cast is trying to move in the death. From the first episode of 13 Reasons Why season 2, he is haunted by visions of Hannah about college, and the moment he hears her voice the flashbacks come and the divide between past and present becomes even more tenuous. He is terrified to make it to the tape and grieves for Hannah. The tape brings Clay turning the stalker. Furious with Tyler, Clay shares it with the college to show him what it feels like to have moments and takes a photograph of him.InterconnectedThe stories of Hannah are all interwoven and it is shocking to see how each character is drawn to the drama. Her story has a bigger impact than upon Hannah. Driving home a stop sign strikes and abandons Hannah.While Hannah looks for a phone another accident that results in the death of a character close is caused by the stop sign that is fallen. It is a scene that places two deaths in the hands of Sheri and overcomes her to come to grasps with the actuality of one of the nights of her life. At its heart, 13 Reasons Why season 2 is a story about missed chances as well as the struggles of survivor’s guilt, particularly the sorrow Clay feels like telling Hannah that he adored her.When he makes it to his chapter of the tapes of Hannah, Clay believes his activities are among the most unforgivable. Clay regrets never supplying her or telling her how he felt although Hannah says she does not blame him. When he’s weighed down by his inaction, the future seems unbearable.

13 reasons why season 2

He takes the burden of his errors and steps back from the ledge.It’s then that he apprehends he can clear recognition by bringing her some justice to Hannah. He is focused but on bringing close and peace to characters and righting wrongs.Characters like Alex, Sheri and Zach are apologetic for the role they played in the life of Hannah and guilty about their activities. Others such as Justin and Jessica are tortured by the fact but can not come to grips with it.A few of the characters, refuse to take responsibility and however, remain unapologetic. They are unlikable consequently and irredeemably flawed. A student athlete with a position Marcus, on student council is concerned about damaging his reputation than about acknowledging his defects. His episode is impactful and comes in the middle of the show. His personality is so his misdeed and one-dimensional minor compared to the others that it drags out the series.Several episodes in the center feel this way. While the showrunners delineated 13 episodes in homage the centre lags consequently. It appears when they team up to capture Tyler from the act of stalking, Hannah has found a friend in Courtney, but Courtney betrays her later Tyler catches and releases a photograph of those 2 girls.”You do not need to f*** with my life since you don’t know who you are,” Hannah yells at Courtney for spreading a rumor about Hannah to conceal her own struggles with sexuality. A senior and captain of the baseball and soccer teams, Bryce is present on the fringe in many of the stories of Hannah.

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Family works in mysterious ways, and Harmon and Roiland have a grasp. If people are prepared to extend their creativity to create excuses for a president’s limits, it is no big deal. Morty has his moments of glory. At this time, he is both a seasoned veteran of interdimensional hijinks and a young guy who’s confident in his ethical judgment–a point he first proved last season when he murdered the sentient gaseous cloud called Fart–and these qualities dictate his actions during the episode. By this stage, Morty is morally righteous enough that he’s eager to kill Rick because he is through with his grandpa’s treating Summer and the rest of the household like pawns. Can we say that he loves his grandpa anymore? All of a sudden, we will need to see Morty as more than just the voice of reason or the incompetent sidekick of Rick–he. There is a hint of his inner struggle–a “wait, did I just try to kill Rick” dawning–which shows us that Morty still likely cares about his partner in crime, but as this season progresses (and hopefully we are due for weekly episodes now), seeing Morty determine the amount to which he will hold Rick liable for his douchebaggery will be delightful. If there’s going to be it is going to be Morty, who has gained enough clout to control Rick’s respect and, possibly, his honesty and knows him better than anyone else alive.

rick and morty online

And then there is Jerry and Beth. Their separation, in hindsight, seems to be an obvious development, but it is how Harmon and Roiland pull it off that warrants our accolades. Beth is at best minimally happy with Jerry and she probably always was, but when push comes to shove–and possibly because she never really grew emotionally from her adolescent years, becoming pregnant with Summer at high school–all she really wants is a relationship with her dad. Clearly, this is not the last we have seen of Jerry… my own prediction is that Beth will end up being just as miserable with him, and she will prefer to endure through the grief living alongside a wet blanket which clings to her and keeps her warm instead of shivering alone. After all, that seems to be the point of this dynamic, and the new supremacy within the household of Rick won’t alter Beth’s inherent.Oh, and was I forgetting to mention that the true comedy from the premiere? And the episode, like classics such as “Full Rickall” and “Meeseeks and Destroy,” mixed lightning-quick humor with great old-fashioned butt jokes to demonstrate that watch rick and morty remains the ideal mix of crass and vibrant available everywhere. Anyways, let us hope that this inverse April Fools’ Day gag was not only a one-off, which we will be graced with the behavior of Rick Sanchez and the Smith family specific weekend for a hundred years, permanently, continuously Rick understands all that Szechuan McNugget sauce… or at least until they run from season three episodes. Since Rick and Morty online picked up right where it left off, on peak of all animated tv–and now the rest of the season must live up to this glorious mindfuck of all mindfucks. My guess is that Harmon and Roiland are up to the job.

watch rick and morty online

Insert the difficulty in bringing this kind of monumental storyline alteration full circle in a satisfying approach to the general difficulties in generating additional episodes — that co-creator Dan Harmon explained early this season — and you will see why Rick and Morty season 3 has been postponed, and why Adult Swim was so excited to drop a brand new episode on unsuspecting audiences.What is surprising is ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption’ manages to hit the reset button of sorts, while still maintaining that level of continuity. In average Rick & Morty online style, the effects of everything that just transpired are not researched on the macro level — the Earth is more or less restored to its former self, albeit one which was previously under alien rule — but rather in the extreme micro. Since the episode’s final moments pull away from Rick’s garage workshop, the series has whittled itself down to one question this will make Morty’s life?It’s the type of thing audiences should expect from the series by now, but what makes the episode even more entertaining is the way that it takes a grand universe-and-dimension-spanning narrative, mixes it with some rather picture sci-fi violence and space opera romance before focusing on a psychotic old man torturing his grandson in a suburban self-parking. What is more, in a moment of meta-madness, the episode really let us Rick admit this season will go to some pretty dark places and jokingly (or perhaps not) insisting his persona arc is more or less all about receiving his hands on a discontinued McNugget skillet.But besides Rick tricking an alien uttered by Nathan Fillion into believing he has obtained the algorithm for interdimensional travel and then leaping from one body to another, laying waste to both (all while seemingly in search of a bathroom) in increasingly bloody fashion, the episode excels in demonstrating its willingness to explore the nightmare that’s Morty’s life. Among the best jokes in the show is the subversion of this Marty McFly/Doc Brown or Dr. Who/Companion lively by turning every experience had by Rick Sanchez and his grandson to a psychologically scarring escapade where the latter is not simply witness to horrors beyond belief, but can also be berated constantly for being such a numbskull.

An intriguing question is raised by the association between the two characters. While for believing their grandpa to task, Morty takes in the Citadel of Ricks is a fanatic. And although he is pretty sure Rick is not a villain, Morty likens him to something more akin to some vengeful god — one whom everyone (but especially Morty) is at the mercy of. That is a description of what Rick has turned into: a trickster god fighting a losing battle against his demons that are deep. Why is Rick & Morty worth coming back to and awaiting is not only the wildly bizarre scenarios its titular characters find themselves embroiled in or how co-creator Justin Roiland is occasionally just riffing, enabling Rick to go off the railways in a rant about a Disney film tie-in Szechuan sauce (or some other time the series has gone off the rails). It’s how the series is aware the price of its insanity on of the characters. Sure, Summer looks gleefully unaffected by it all, running off to draw and quarter a few aliens since it is “patriotic,” but the same is not true of the rest of the home. Perhaps the understanding of what a sequence of traumas Morty’s life explains watch rick and morty season 3 has been tough for the authors to bring to fruition. But the amount of difficulty makes the episode’s achievement even more rewarding.

George R.R. Martin Talks About Game of Thrones Online Free

As we all know, our beloved TV series Game of Thrones is based on the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Just like any other screen adaptation of a novel, there must be some changes made based on any reason so the book can fit the screen. Game of Thrones has made a lot of changes by cutting some characters and subplots. This is something that has to be done by showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff because the book series are very long. It will take ages to portray every single action inside the book series. Besides cutting things, the show also changes some things that already exist in the book. Some changes run well while others don’t. The good changes include the character, Margaery Tyrell.

In the show, we know Margaery as a sneaky and interesting young lady. However, her book counterpart is not as interesting. Meanwhile, Robb Stark’s marriage is included in the not-so-good changes. From a touching commentary of honor, it is changed into a cliché where a couple wants to get married but they can’t but finally, they still do.

Regarding Game of Thrones character changes, author George R.R. Martin has his own opinion on who is changed the most. When being interviewed for a documentary on Niccolo Machiavelli, he revealed that Westeros also had its own Machiavelli, which is Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish. Martin said that Littlefinger in the show was very different from Littlefinger in the book. It might be the character with the most difference between the book version and the show.

Game of Thrones LittlefingerIn one episode, there is two people talking about Littlefinger while he was not present. Someone said, “Well, no one trusts Littlefinger” and “Littlefinger has no friends” (maybe you remember who said these lines). These statements are true from the show version Littlefinger but not for the book version Littlefinger. In the book, everybody trusts Littlefinger because he seems powerless. Besides, he is also friendly and helpful. He is willing to help Ned Stark, Tyrion, the Lannisters, and King Robert. He can always help, especially in raising money.

For King Robert’s banquets and tournaments, he always trusts Littlefinger when it comes to finance. Everybody is a friend of him. However, “there’s the Machiavellian thing”, said Martin. He is a helpful and funny person that you can trust and ask to do what you want. Then, he gets along with many people and is able to rise higher in the end.

Well, indeed it is a great difference. The show has turned a nuanced Littlefinger into a completely evil Littlefinger. The show Littlefinger is always cunning and full of plots and schemes. Of course, no one will trust him. It is not the actor Aidan Gillen’s fault though because it is just the things he should do. So, what do you think? Do you have any other Game of Thrones character that you think is very different from the book version to the show version?

Game of Thrones Season 5 First Full Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 5 is about to launch officially by HBO on April 6, 2015. This season will be very demanded by the audience, especially the fans of Game of Thrones TV serial and George R.R. Martin’s novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Before officially launching the Game of Thrones season 5, HBO reveals the first full movie trailer to fulfill the promise they have made previously. The first full trailer shows various important but also exciting scenes included in the fourth season.

The first full trailer launched by HBO on Sunday, January 12, 2015, begins with a scene in which King Joffrey is making a speech about the war he has just won. In this scene also appears Jaime Lannister who tells Joffrey after his speech that the he did not win the war. Afterwards, the trailer exposes the wedding between King Joffrey and his sweetheart, Margaery Tyrell. The royal wedding held in the palace of King Joffrey looks very nice and glamour.

However, there is something suspicious happens afterwards. The King is found dead after drinking a glass of wine. After that, the scene moves to Tyrion who gets arrested and several other characters and their own troubles. On another scene, there is Jon Snow who is preparing for the battle. He looks very fierce and full of passion for the battle which is going to happen. There is something interesting about the battle between Jon Snow’s troops and Wildlings’ troops. In the battle, Jon Snow struggles against Wildlings to get the wall.

Leaving Jon Snow’s battle against Wildings, there is Daenerys who is gaining her power over her people. This scene shows Daenerys who looks much more powerful than before in season 4. Instead of a glimpse of Daenerys who is ruling her people, there is a nice glimpse of Yara Greyjoy. Yara Grejoy is found sailing with her soldiers. There is no clue where she is sailing to. Another glimpse about Petyr Baelish and Melisandre is very attractive to close the first full Game of Thrones season 5 episode 1.

According to the first full trailer, Game of Thrones season 5 will be full of battle, epic actions, and romance which are combined with intrigues and politics. There are some attractive scenes which are worth watching. The death of King Joffrey and the battle between Jon Snow and Wildlings are the most exciting scenes involving in Game of Thrones season 5. Regarding that, the audience and the fans expect that those scenes will not be disappointing.

Game of Thrones season 4 is made according to the novels written by George R.R. Martin entitled A Song of Ice and Fire consisting of 10 different series. The season 4 of this world-famous TV serial airing in HBO will also reveal some new characters. There will be 4 new cast involved. They are Prince Oberyn, who is known by the Red Viper, played by Pedro Pascal, Styr of the Then played by Yuri Kolokolnikov, Tycho Nestoris played by Mark Gatiss, and Hizdahr zo Loraq played by Joel Fry. The appearance of the new characters makes watch Game of Thrones online become more interesting to enjoy. There must be a lot of conflicts which will be involved.

More Surprises for Game of Thrones Fans

Besides the exhibition, Game of Thrones fans is going to have two exciting videos as the preparation for the Season 4 of this show. Remembering that the show will be launched on April 6 and it’s still a long way to go; On the Set Featurette video and also Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing are the best gifts for the Game of Thrones fans. As the result, they will not feel empty while they are waiting for this exciting season.

On the Set, Featurette video was published on January 21 and has reached more than 300.000 viewers. This video contains the behind-the-scene part at the 180-day shoot for the fourth season. David Benioff (executive producer, writer, director) said that Game of Thrones is the only show that has its own scale. The scale itself can be seen from the numbers, the amount of the cast, the countries where the watch game of thrones online free scenes exist, and all of them are in a great number. He does not think there is a show that could be the competitor for Game of Thrones. Moreover, Game of Thrones also contains complex stories that will always develop from one season to the other season, it also includes the characters of the show.

The actor for Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage, is very satisfied with the script of the Season 4. He also added that that is the best script he has ever got since he became Tyrion Lannister. Perhaps there will be something that happens on Tyrion Lannister’s character?

However, it is too soon to think that this video will provide the answers to the ultimate questions that have become the unsolved mysteries for the fans, particularly about Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Jaime Lannister. But it does not mean that you have to miss this video because it contains a lot of interviews and also the scenes that will make you become more impatient for the Season 4.

But, regarding the unsolved mysteries, let’s hope that the next special show will provide few answers from the ultimate questions, or, at least, show few scenes that indicate the answers.

A surprising tweet has been posted by the HBO, it says that a 15 minute presentation for Season 4 Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing will be aired for the first time on February 9, 2014, on HBO. Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing will provide the interviews from the casts, behind-the-scene footages, and also the clips from the game of thrones Season 4. Also, the most interesting is, there will be the part where the cast members are answering the questions that the fans already gave. Fans of Game of Thrones really should not miss this special show. Even though it is only 15 minute, but this special show can be the chance for the fans to be closer to the characters and also the show, while they are waiting to watch game of thrones season 4 episode 1.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 4: How the Plots Are Getting Darker and Complicated

If you are one of the loyal and hardcore fans of Game of Thrones TV series, you certainly know that the new season is drawing near. The Game of Thrones Season 4 premiered around the 6th of April 2014.

You also know that the main plot of the series is about the intrigues and drama between the characters to get themselves in the top spot of the kingdom hierarchy. Set in fictional lands of Essos and Westeros, some of the plot stories are intertwined and connected to each other. The drama still continues to the Season 4, and the plots are getting darker and more complicated – well, at least that’s what D.B Weiss and David Benioff promise.

Game of Thrones Season 4 start slowly and anticipation will start building – while at the same time introducing new characters. As we all know, the third season ends with the Red Wedding, the end of war, and how the Lannister clan is celebrating the victory. But celebration seems to be early as the Five Kings war is actually getting nearer. After Robb Stark – the North King – is betrayed and dead by his bannermen Freys and Boltons, Lannister clan feels like celebrating. They are triumphant as they feel getting full support from many Houses. Lod Tywin Lannister and his grandson, Joffrey Baratheon, granted Freys with Riverrun ruling and Boltons the area in North for their help.

Lannister clan knows that they could win the war because House Tyrell has helped them. So a marriage alliance of Margaery – Tyrell’s daughter – and King Joffrey has been set. But it seems that two Houses are getting dependant of one another, something that Queen Cersei fears of. Meanwhile, two kingdoms of Dorne and Vale of Arryn don’t seem to really care about the war. Lysa Arryn – Vale Lady Regent – remains neutral, but House Martell of Dorne hates Lannister so much, especially since Ser Gregor Clegane has raped and then killed Elia Martell, Doran Martell’s sister. There is another plot stirred within these Houses, and each ruler has their own plan in mind.

At the same time, power is growing in Slayer’s Bay, in the Narrow Sea. Daenerys Targayen is now becoming a real threat for the Lannister ruling. She manages to build her own army and commands dragons. She has three living dragons – really powerful and threatening weapon – as well as commanding 8,000 Unsullied warrior. She also sets off path of liberation along her way. As a former slave, she determined to set free all he slaves. She manages to free Astapor and Yunkai, and the slaves are turning to her banner. Daenerys manages to get stronger each time. Her biggest challenge is the city of Meeren, the slaver city. The task is tougher because Meeren is preparing themselves upon her coming.

night's watchAnother problem arises in far away area to the North. The Night’s Watch has guarded the Wall since they’re the only barrier between the great Seven Kingdoms and the land of the undead. However, the number of Night’s Watch is decreasing drastically. Not to mention that their existing leadership is wobbly because of their current condition.

From all that happens in the Seven Kingdoms, House Stark is having darkening moment as extinction is drawing near. However, survivors of the House determine that they should stay afloat. Sansa Stark is having forced marriage with Tyrion Lannister and remaining the Iron Throne hostage. Rickon Stark finds safety and become loyal member of House Umber. Bran Stark has his own vision, so he crosses the Wall with his faithful companions. Arya Stark seeks revenge while getting protection from the man she loathes.

It seems all elements are being gathered up together, doesn’t it? If you don’t want to miss the thrill, don’t miss the premiere and watch Game of Thrones Season 4 with another mind blowing full ten episodes.

Fans of Game of Thrones Will Miss the iPhone Dock Creative

Look at the iPhone dock on the right side? It is really cool right? As fans of Game of Thrones, placing iPhone in such cute and unique dock has different vibe. Plus, your friends would be jealous of you since they do not even have that kind of stuff. However, who knows that sword-covered iPhone dock which is inspired by the Iron Thrones would be a source of problem? Fernando Sosa the owner of a small company had to give more than a dozen customer refunds because HBO demanded it. Yes, HBO stated that the artsy iPhone dock defended a copyright issue. In the other hands, Sosa just wanted to create and fulfill fans of Game of Thrones demand.

What happened then? Fans of Game of Thrones definitely will miss that creative and one of a kind iPhone dock. However, it could not be helped. It stirs problem when anyone use some parts from the popular medieval fantasy series without asking permission from HBO. Both the owner and the designer can be sued because using images or anything from Game of Thrones for product designs. Sosa, the co-owner of Nuproto stated that this kind of situation is going to be a problem in the future. Big companies can squash little companies in creating and releasing a lot of new products for fans of Game of Thrones.

[alert-announce]This situation happens when 3D printers are more affordable plus there are websites as which post blueprints to make everything. [/alert-announce]

Well, technology makes everything possible; it is including press the production price. Fans of Game of Thrones are trapped in the middle. Some fans want original merchandises though a little bit pricey. In the other hands, not all fans are able to afford expensive stuffs so that they try to find less expensive one. This opportunity occurs and market just wants to fulfill fans of Game of Thrones.

So, what should fans of Game of Thrones do? Definitely, it is a huge dilemma, right? Fans want to do their best in supporting their favorite TV show. In the other hands, the prices of official merchandises are not cheap. Sometimes, the prices are too expensive for students. Therefore, this kind of situation is like never ending drama. When fans of watch Game of Thrones online try to make custom stuffs from their favorite TV show, it seems that they just want to have alternative merchandises. Hmm… it is really tricky, right?