DIY Room Decor for Teens That is So Easy yet Beautiful

DIY room decor is not always need super talented hand to realize it. Sometimes only with basic skill you can do with some of DIY projects that deal with room decor. The idea of this project is to make your room becomes not only beautiful, but also has your own signature on it. Addition, the idea you may find herein is the basic idea to brainstorm your creativity. Therefore, any change is allowed. But, be sure that you know what you do and master this basic thing first before you try another experiment.

Thence, what kind of DIY home decor idea which is you can make it in easy way, but in the same time it also makes your room looks pretty? How about starting it from the lighting part? In case you want to give your bedroom a beautiful light that any shop can’t buy, then be sure you try to make beautiful flower lights. To make something like flower lights, what you need only cupcakes liners with some variation of colors, Christmas’ string lights, and scissors. Using scissors make leaf and flower forms. Remember to make a hole in each of them in the middle. For the flowers itself, the number is based on your preference.

After you finish with flowers, the next thing you to do is gluing the flower to the light of Christmas’ string light. The last procedure, you can attach the string or the wire of Christmas light to your bedroom wall. The next idea for DIY room decor is making a beautiful and useful pin board. To make this one, the things you need to prepare are washi tape, scissors, and board in certain size you need. If you don’t know, washi tape is quite popular among diy-ers since this one is quite useful and can be designed in many ways.

DIY Room Decor That is So Easy yet, So Beautiful

So that, feel free to design any pattern of your preference. However, if pin board with washi tape is something you dislike since it is just not your style but, you still expect to have something to hang like photographs or some, you don’t need to be panicked. There is a way actually. The DIY room decor for teens as the replacement of pin board is clothesline picture holders. For this one you need wires or something like that depends on how many layers you want from your clotheslines. Lie them a bit loose against your wall. Be sure you tag the clothes clips a long.

Over there, you can’t hang anything, not limited on pictures only. However, since this is a part of your home decor, ensure that you arrange your pictures or anything in good arrangement, on other words, things that you display there not give you an eyesore. The last DIY thing you can try to enhance your home decor is by taking benefit from mason jar. You can use mason jar to organize your stuffs like pens, brushes or anything. To make something like this you need a vintage wooden frame. Swing some mason jars with twine. Use different mason jar shapes to grasp more inviting look from this DIY room decor.

MyPC Backup Review and Verdict

You may be wondering what is My PC Backup and what good it provides. Well if you are an active and avid computer user – whose data are crucial and scattered all over the system – then you really want to have a powerful backup system to ensure the practicality of the operation as well as safekeeping of the data.

You may have guessed what this is all about now. Yes, MyPC Backup is a service that provides online backup for active users like you, so you won’t have to worry about little stuffs that can cause trouble to your system. It is a paid service that provides some perks for your enjoyment and flexibility in working, although it does come with some limits and flaws of their own.

You may be wondering what is MyPC Backup and what good it provides.

The great thing about this service is the very easy and simple usage and operation. Thanks to the user interface and the fact that you can use it on different devices and operating system really help making it one of the handiest systems to work with. It has great mobile features and the easiness in adjusting it within several different devices through handy account manager for online use and simple desktop application. Feel free to test it out on your Windows Phone, Android, or iOS; this service will provide excellent result and outcome.

To provide top-notch security feature, it even provides remote wipe system, in which you can use in case your computer is stolen. To make sure that your data is completely safe and no harm is done, you can use this feature to delete all the data to guarantee the safety and protection, so you won’t have to worry that others have access to your priceless data.

Among the very good perks, there are some flaws that you may have to be aware of. There are so many upgrades or add-ons that you need to buy in order to finally get the service that fits your requirements and wants. They are so many that it may get annoying. First of all, don’t really be fooled by the unlimited terms used by the service. You may sign up for unlimited service, but in reality, you can only use the service to backup and store data up to only 500 GB maximum. There is no more room or space provided for more than that; not even with the customs service.

MyPC Backup Review and VerdictAnother annoying part is the fact that you are only given 2 GB to sync the data between different devices. I mean, what can you do with 2 GB, after all? Of course, then you are given options to buy the upgrades of 5 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB, and 20 GB sync ability, which you need to make if you want to have a more convenient working platform. In case you need more than that, you will have to contact the customer service for custom service, which again…you will have to buy.

The services from MyPC Backup are basically nice and simple, and the safety features are very convenient. However, they should really start thinking about the service because the upgrades and add-ons are truly annoying. There are so many more services out there that provide complete services without having to pay loads; they don’t want people start turning away from them.