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Family works in mysterious ways, and Harmon and Roiland have a grasp. If people are prepared to extend their creativity to create excuses for a president’s limits, it is no big deal. Morty has his moments of glory. At this time, he is both a seasoned veteran of interdimensional hijinks and a young guy who’s confident in his ethical judgment–a point he first proved last season when he murdered the sentient gaseous cloud called Fart–and these qualities dictate his actions during the episode. By this stage, Morty is morally righteous enough that he’s eager to kill Rick because he is through with his grandpa’s treating Summer and the rest of the household like pawns. Can we say that he loves his grandpa anymore? All of a sudden, we will need to see Morty as more than just the voice of reason or the incompetent sidekick of Rick–he. There is a hint of his inner struggle–a “wait, did I just try to kill Rick” dawning–which shows us that Morty still likely cares about his partner in crime, but as this season progresses (and hopefully we are due for weekly episodes now), seeing Morty determine the amount to which he will hold Rick liable for his douchebaggery will be delightful. If there’s going to be it is going to be Morty, who has gained enough clout to control Rick’s respect and, possibly, his honesty and knows him better than anyone else alive.

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And then there is Jerry and Beth. Their separation, in hindsight, seems to be an obvious development, but it is how Harmon and Roiland pull it off that warrants our accolades. Beth is at best minimally happy with Jerry and she probably always was, but when push comes to shove–and possibly because she never really grew emotionally from her adolescent years, becoming pregnant with Summer at high school–all she really wants is a relationship with her dad. Clearly, this is not the last we have seen of Jerry… my own prediction is that Beth will end up being just as miserable with him, and she will prefer to endure through the grief living alongside a wet blanket which clings to her and keeps her warm instead of shivering alone. After all, that seems to be the point of this dynamic, and the new supremacy within the household of Rick won’t alter Beth’s inherent.Oh, and was I forgetting to mention that the true comedy from the premiere? And the episode, like classics such as “Full Rickall” and “Meeseeks and Destroy,” mixed lightning-quick humor with great old-fashioned butt jokes to demonstrate that watch rick and morty remains the ideal mix of crass and vibrant available everywhere. Anyways, let us hope that this inverse April Fools’ Day gag was not only a one-off, which we will be graced with the behavior of Rick Sanchez and the Smith family specific weekend for a hundred years, permanently, continuously Rick understands all that Szechuan McNugget sauce… or at least until they run from season three episodes. Since Rick and Morty online picked up right where it left off, on peak of all animated tv–and now the rest of the season must live up to this glorious mindfuck of all mindfucks. My guess is that Harmon and Roiland are up to the job.

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Insert the difficulty in bringing this kind of monumental storyline alteration full circle in a satisfying approach to the general difficulties in generating additional episodes — that co-creator Dan Harmon explained early this season — and you will see why Rick and Morty season 3 has been postponed, and why Adult Swim was so excited to drop a brand new episode on unsuspecting audiences.What is surprising is ‘The Rickshank Rickdemption’ manages to hit the reset button of sorts, while still maintaining that level of continuity. In average Rick & Morty online style, the effects of everything that just transpired are not researched on the macro level — the Earth is more or less restored to its former self, albeit one which was previously under alien rule — but rather in the extreme micro. Since the episode’s final moments pull away from Rick’s garage workshop, the series has whittled itself down to one question this will make Morty’s life?It’s the type of thing audiences should expect from the series by now, but what makes the episode even more entertaining is the way that it takes a grand universe-and-dimension-spanning narrative, mixes it with some rather picture sci-fi violence and space opera romance before focusing on a psychotic old man torturing his grandson in a suburban self-parking. What is more, in a moment of meta-madness, the episode really let us Rick admit this season will go to some pretty dark places and jokingly (or perhaps not) insisting his persona arc is more or less all about receiving his hands on a discontinued McNugget skillet.But besides Rick tricking an alien uttered by Nathan Fillion into believing he has obtained the algorithm for interdimensional travel and then leaping from one body to another, laying waste to both (all while seemingly in search of a bathroom) in increasingly bloody fashion, the episode excels in demonstrating its willingness to explore the nightmare that’s Morty’s life. Among the best jokes in the show is the subversion of this Marty McFly/Doc Brown or Dr. Who/Companion lively by turning every experience had by Rick Sanchez and his grandson to a psychologically scarring escapade where the latter is not simply witness to horrors beyond belief, but can also be berated constantly for being such a numbskull.

An intriguing question is raised by the association between the two characters. While for believing their grandpa to task, Morty takes in the Citadel of Ricks is a fanatic. And although he is pretty sure Rick is not a villain, Morty likens him to something more akin to some vengeful god — one whom everyone (but especially Morty) is at the mercy of. That is a description of what Rick has turned into: a trickster god fighting a losing battle against his demons that are deep. Why is Rick & Morty worth coming back to and awaiting is not only the wildly bizarre scenarios its titular characters find themselves embroiled in or how co-creator Justin Roiland is occasionally just riffing, enabling Rick to go off the railways in a rant about a Disney film tie-in Szechuan sauce (or some other time the series has gone off the rails). It’s how the series is aware the price of its insanity on of the characters. Sure, Summer looks gleefully unaffected by it all, running off to draw and quarter a few aliens since it is “patriotic,” but the same is not true of the rest of the home. Perhaps the understanding of what a sequence of traumas Morty’s life explains watch rick and morty season 3 has been tough for the authors to bring to fruition. But the amount of difficulty makes the episode’s achievement even more rewarding.