Samsung Galaxy S4 Review & Specs

Samsung Galaxy S4 reviewThe review on Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it is a pretty neat phone. It is the latest fourth generation smartphone and is going to be this years most anticipated launch. This phone has jam packed advance technology around. Samsung Galaxy S4 specs are a 13 mexapixel camera that you can take absolutely stunning photos of and also can record your videos in full HD. There is a two megapixel front facing camera so you can do video calls.

There are many features on the actual camera, probably too many too mention on here but it can take 360 panoramic shots that you can upload immediately. Samsung Galaxy S4 also has the best 5 inch amoled display that really brings all your photos to life with the HD resolution packed into it. It also has 441 pixels density that is even higher than the iPhone. It has 4Glte support, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a micro usb port. It also has 5G chips for the Wi Fi and Bluetooth which will give you faster and reliable data transfers.

The great thing about Samsung Galaxy s4 is that it is wireless so no more cables are required and this means that you can charge it from two metres away which is really handy. It is also running on the android operating system of Google’s and has a voice guided assistant that displays information in the card based interface.

The Android Jelly Bean has all of Google’s apps which run into thousands and they are there for you to download onto your phone. Samsung Galaxys S4 review is that it really is a great phone and has plenty of memory and comes with a standard 16GB and if you go for the more expensive model then that offers you 32GB. There are at least two color options to pick from, one being the blue pebble and the other being the white marble which are based on nature themes, the specs are amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review is that it is an amazing smartphone with an amazing camera and the wraparound images only require you to just move the handset let or right, up or down. I don’t think that there is much on the market that can compare with Samsung Galaxy S4 and that it stands alone.

If you are a Samsung lover like myself then you will find this phone really standing up to all expectations. It has got cutting edge technology even seen on a smartphone and the s4 processor that is onboard has four cores to save battery life. It is a balance of efficiency and power and consumes 70% less energy he current designs.

[alert-note]Samsung Galaxy S4 specs really stand out from its rivals. All in all a brilliant phone with great specs and is top of its game. If you are thinking about purchasing Samsung Galaxy S4 then rest assured that you are doing the right thing as this smart phone stands out from the rest.[/alert-note]

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