How to Share Files between Macs Using Airdrop

OS X has a major star when talking about share files; it is called AirDrop. Airdrop improved performance in efficiency, speed, and simplicity. There is no password or setup required. You can copy files wirelessly and instantly. Your friend’s Mac no need to move near you, the maximum distance can be as far up to 30 feet.

Don’t have WiFi network or Internet connection? It can be done without them.

How to Share Files between Mac Using Airdrop

The first thing to do when you want to give other people your file is open AirDrop windows on each Mac, and some option will appear. Two methods can be used to help you on file sharing process between Macs. Read more at howtotech

Drag into the AirDrop window

After click AirDrop icon, the window will appear.

[alert-announce]Note: If checkbox in Finder → Preferences → Sidebar is turned off, you will not see AirDrop in the Sidebar. This can happen in OS Lion or later. The result is that you cannot use the AirDrop. If that happen, use the Share button. It will describe below.[/alert-announce]

Wait for a while until all icons of your friends nearby appear. They should run latest wireless Mac or OS X and has opened the AirDrop window, though. Sit quietly and wait for it. No need to make the extra effort.

After the receiver icon appears, drag one (or several) files onto the intended receiver icon. Mac will ask “Are you sure?”  Select Send to proceed or select Return to abort it.

The message pops up on the receiver Mac will say, “[Other computer] wants to send you [file name].” There are three options to opt for: Decline, Save and Open, and Save.

The file would be sent directly if Save button clicked. You can see the delivery process on a progress bar. The bar will surround the other friend’s icon. For security, the delivery process encrypted.

File sent will arrive at a folder named Downloads.

Use the Share Sheet

There is another way to send a file; it is still used AirDrop by the way. Click one (or several) file icon you want to send. And then choose the Share → AirDrop command.

You can find the command everywhere. The command is at the top of the Quick Look, or it will appear in the shortcut menu. To bring the shortcut menu, try to right-click an icon.

After clicked receiver’s icon and they agree it, the delivery process begins, just as described earlier.