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This stranger things episode start off with Joyce frantically trying to describe to Sheriff Hopper and her eldest Jonathan that she was communicating with Will before a monster had started to climb from the wall to chase her. She insists that Will is living and that there’s not any way he’s dead. It is indicated that Hopper can highlight with Joyce since he has been able before, having lost his daughter. It is not until Joyce pleads with Hopper to think her that you find the emotional investment he’s going to make it after the clues leading to her son.

Meanwhile, Mike is upset with ‘Eleven’, blaming her for supplying false hope when she had said to him and his buddies that Will was living. ‘Eleven’ uses her abilities to connect to Will from another dimension so as to prove to Mike that his friend is living. Notice: we get to see quite a bit of ‘Eleven’ and her skills this episode of stranger things online free, giving us a greater insight into what she can do. They lose the signal Will, but Mike thinks they can find a better signal from their college if they use the AV club radio. So as to sneak ‘Eleven’ in, the boy’s band together to make a female disguise that’s extremely reminiscent of E.T. Mike appeared to take care of dressing up ‘Eleven’ as he helped her with her makeup and gave her an approving glance. Once they agreed that she looked pretty and passable, the gang set out for college.

In the school, they visit a meeting which is being held by the faculty in Will’s honor. After listening to a few bullies say mean things about Will, Mike faces them following the meeting in front of everybody. As one of those bullies goes into conquering on Mike, ‘Eleven’ freezes him and leaves him to moan and embarrass himself in front of his peers. The gang head to the AV lab where ‘Eleven’ is ready to link them to Will. This triggers a flashback where we get to see how Dr. Brenner trained ‘Eleven’ to monitor people so as to extract data from them.

Joyce can connect to Will at exactly the exact same time as the gang, hearing a thumping noise and hearing her son call out to her. Frantically, she finds the pounding and begins peeling back the wallpaper to show a twisted surface beneath with Will’s head pressed against the wall. He tells her where he is, but there’s a growling in the background. Will becomes fearful, wanting to remain with his mother but Joyce tells him to run. She picks up an ax she’d brought in the house and starts chopping at the wall. Unfortunately, there’s nothing beneath it and she will now have to find a way to patch up the wall. Joyce’s action of chopping severs the link ‘Eleven’ must Will and triggers an electrical surge that ends up light the AV gear on fire.

While the children and Joyce are attempting to find Will, Nancy is trying her damnedest to find Barb. She can’t receive any assistance from Steven because he is more focused on his parents kicking his ass for hosting a party. The cops are not any use, lowkey slut-shaming her for having sex with Steven in front of her mother. This was definitely not the best way to split the new to a parent which de-virginizing has happened. Nancy ends up moving to Jonathan because, as shown in the last episode of stranger things, he was there taking photos of Steven’s party the night Barb vanished. They visit the photography laboratory to have Jonathan blow up the photograph he took with Barb sitting in the pool. When did they see the picture of the monster behind Barb, lurking in the shadows? This picture proves that what Joyce was telling Jonathan about a monster chasing her was true. Additionally, it proves that Nancy was not just seeing things when she moved back to Steven’s place to search for Barb.

Meanwhile, Hopper cannot shake the feeling that something is fishy, particularly once the state authorities have taken over the morgue that homes Will’s body. After hearing Joyce denounce the body rather than belonging to her son and after hunting down the state trooper that called the human body and beating the crap out of him to find information, Hopper sneaks to the morgue to determine what’s happening. He takes out his knife and slices Will open, showing his body is a dummy stuffed with cotton.